Thursday, June 30, 2016

Blog Update #1 (Rebranding)


 guys back again with another blog post but this time there is no tutorial post. Just a quick update on telling you that i have been working lately on some cool stuff
like my own beginner's for Newbie blogger which is gonna start of free from BlogSpot. There's already stuff piled up for this blog lets see how much time it takes for me upload

And what all things need to do when you set up your new blog. So that you can follow those and implement on your's too. Like Wordpress which is a free Open Source CMS (Content Management System), works on the fundamentals of plugins and over here at blogger you don't have one. I mean we couldn't customize as much as we could on wordpress but i'll walk through the easy steps procedure and it's not that difficult. For blogger you need to Edit the template for customizing and learning it might take some time, but it just a matter of time.

Blogger is simple and any one can make a blog out of it, either be it professional or personal. I also need to undergo rebranding of this blog in order to make it more clean and soothing.

So if its even 4:35 am in the morning and i probably wondering about stuff, i am gonna be sleeping for now. It's like night time is the only time i can think about blogging.

Make sure you are happy and only do what you want to do in your life.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Powerbanks you can buy under 1000 Rs (Flipkart end of season sale)

Flipkart End of season sale where you’ll get all the fashion and lifestyle stuff for almost 50% off.
Right from June 24-26 only.
Make sure you are getting all your stuff which you have planned to get in this Flipkart season end sale.
I am gonna be covering the products related to technology which are at off during this period.

Extra 10% Off using SBI Debit/Credit Cards on Flipkart Website, m-site(s) & m-APPs for anything which you buy from the fashion and lifestyle category, sadly no more discount on card payments for tech users. It is but for smartwatches or products above 2000 Rupees.

NOTE- the products listed below are all on off currently till stocks last so make sure you are adding them to cart or buy ASAP.

These are probably the best Powerbanks you can Buy in the range of 1,000 Rupees. Ranging 10400-13000 Mah capacity.

Powerbanks offers only on Flipkart.

Lenovo Powerbanks

 lenovo powerbank

1.      10400 mAh Capacity.

2.      For just 999.
3.      It comes with 2 USB ports and both have output of 2.1 A each for faster charging across devices.
4.      You can charge any device with micro-usb port or USB type-C.

 lenovo powerbank

Intex IT-PB 11K Power Bank K 11000 mAh

 intex powerbank

1.      For just 949 rupees.
2.      With 10 day replacement guarantee and cash on delivery also available.
3.      11000 mah capacity.
4.      It has three output for charging three devices at a time- varying ports two 2.1A output and a 1amp.
5.      Has 1 year warranty.

 intex powerbank



Ambrane P-1310 PowerBank 13000 mAh

  1. For just 999
  2. Output 2 A and 1 A
  3. Available with wide variety of color options.
  4. Also has a led torch to use.

 ambrane powerbank

My verdict

    You should buy the Lenovo powerbank because it has fast charging and also gets charged incredibly faster than others listed, provided you charge the powerbank with high speed charger. Folllowed by ths you can buy the Ambrane powerbank because it also charges relatively faster and also has a inbuilt torch to use in the nights. It sure does has 3 ports to charge three different devices so if you want to have a charging HUB station you can use this Powerbank.

    I’ll try to keep updating this space for the latest iterations and newer models of the powerbanks in this range.
In the mean time make sure you share this post with your friends and stay subscribed to the blog for more info about the latest offers and tech tutorials.

Thank you for reading and taking your time to go through my blog.

These are the best OTG (on the Go) Pendrive you can buy

I'm writing this blog post on the verge of the Flipkart's season end sale.
So anything which you see over here is on off from June 24-26, incase you missed these offers don't worry.

So make sure you share and stay subscribe for more such awesome stuff in future.
Any type of OTG pendrive you buy from below should be able to stream- i mean should be able to play any 1080p video without any lagg.

Sandisk Ultra Dual 16 GB 3.0 On-The-Go Pendrive

 Sandisk OTG pendrive

  • For just 409 rs only. 
  • Swap images and videos or any types of files from your phone to any android device or PC
  • USB 3.0 for faster transferring of data.
  • Works with any phone with OTG compatibility.

 sandisk otg pendrive

Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 MicroDuo 16 GB On-The-Go Pendrive

 kingston OTG pendrive

  1. For just 419 rupees only
  2. USB 3.0 available for faster data syncing.
  3. 3.0 capabilities.
  4. warranty available for 5 years.
  5. supported on almost any system considering linux, windows and android or any other with USB output.

kingston otg pendrive

Strontium 16GB NITRO ON-THE-GO (OTG) USB 3.0 FLASH DRIVE 16 GBPen Drive

 strontium otg pendrive

  1. Small and compact unlike all the other OTG pendrives, if you want compact product for yourself then you must have this.
  2. For just 465 rupees only.
  3. USB 3.0 compatibility.
  4. 16 gb capacity available, you can also get capacities till 64 Gb.
  5. Operating System: Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS: 10.X or Above
click here to buy Strontium 16 Gb OTG pendrive

 strontium OTG pendrive

My verdict

if you want to buy something which is compact and gets the job done, go with the strontium and kingston OTG pendrive, but with the Kingston OTG pendrive the problem or you take it as you want, while plugging into the phone you'll have to Turn and open it to use with the smartphone where as with the strontium one you just detach the top and use.
If you are on a tight budget as of now the sandisk OTG pendrive is the cheapest option you can buy for the money. 

Smartwatches on sale (Flipkart End of season sale)

Offers are valid till june 24-26 so make sure you share this article with your friends and family members before the offers goes off. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog for more upcoming offers and tech reviews.

Offer for android users

Flipkart is having a flat 1000 rupees off on all the version of the moto watches.

moto 360 sale

  1. If you have been saving up for a smartwatch for a long time, you should consider buying the Motorola moto 360 (2nd gen) smartwatch now.
  2. you now get 1000 rupees flat off on all the moto smartwatches you order and additional 10% off on them if you pay with sbi debit/Credit card
  3. Which means you get the watch for under 17K. If you buy now you save almost 3-4K for the actual price.
  4. you can also order for same day delivery for some part in the metropolitican cities with free of charge.
  5. fitness tracker
  6. And yes its a moto watch, so you would be getting all those android upgrades faster than any other watch.
  7. It's water resistant- for those who like to have shower with their watch, its good.
  8. build quiality is great.
  9. you can also use it with your Apple phones as it does support IOS.
  10. Worth for the money.

 moto 360

Offer for Apple Users


   You now get flat 5000 rupees off on all the apple watches till the stocks last on flipkart


apple smartwatch

  1. Apple smartwatch for just 29,899 rupees only.
  2. If you are a apple fanboy/girl you shouldn't be missing this as a deal, as it's not a everyday deal.
  3. On a total you would be saving at least 8,000 rupees on this apple smartwatch.
  4. You can get around three days of battery life from this smartwatch.
  5. and an extra 10% off on using SBI credit/debit card which should be a good offer considering the price it is selling for in the market nowadays.
  6. tracks all your day-to -day steps and how much calories you burnt in a day and over time, fitness tracker.
Click here to buy the Apple Smartwatch

 apple smartwatch

And if you are wondering why this racist between apple and android watches, it's because i'm more oriented towards android and love how that ecosystem works overall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Share any type of files from PC to Anywhere

     Ever wanted to share large files over air to any location regardless of the wifi connection you are connected? The only thing appropriate to this software was TeamViewer where once i asked my Friend Vinston Dsouza to share some songs to me and it was like hell slow with the speed, i mean speed we are talking in 20-40 kb’s and it was like a 400Mb files of songs. I told him this is not worth the time; i researched on the internet and found a program named Send Anywhere. Teamviewer it’s great for screen mirroring though.

     I just loved this software earlier i used to use es file explorer to transfer files over the air but after this application now i have uninstalled that and use this as full time user.

NOTE- Keep in mind that there may be various programs available on the internet, but this is the program which i prefer.

This is the only piece of software which works according to me to anywhere around the world and
Bonus- This software is platform independent.

Dude what’s Platform Independent means?

   It means the software which you are using can be used on any type of operating system with regards the specification/ behaviour of the System you are using. For Example you can use this software to send files from PC to iOS, android, Chrome OS and Linux. Good thing about this is it also has 32bit version of the software.

What is send anywhere?

Send Anywhere is a software which allows the users all around the world to transfer files on the go.
It Works on peer-to-peer connection (One end to another).

This software generates a 6- digit numeric code to accept the transfer from the person who’s transferring. So you can text the code to the receiver and the transaction would complete.

send anywhere software
note- images are compressed in order to load site faster for your good experience

Why You Should Use Send Anywhere?

This software does not have anything to do with the users to sign up or login, once you download the software you are good to send files anywhere around the globe.
Remember why i didn’t use Teamviewer, speed right. When i tried this software, i was getting speed in MB/s though my Internet speed is 1 MBPS.

Although if you Sign up for an account you can track all the data which you are transmitting to another, the device which you share data gets saved in the menu for further usage. Quite Handy
Send anywhere comes with fully encryption along with it, so that your data is not hogged in between the process and is protected in order for various reasons.
Moreover, the software gets updated very often unlike others; PS got two updates within this month recently.

The Software of mobile and PC are user friendly, just basic stuff send and receive.
Major reason to have this is that you can upload a file to friends and that stays active for about 24 hours, meaning you can resume afterwards if you want. Re-Download if you want afterwards for some reasons.

How to use send anywhere?

  1. Simple just head over to the website from here.
  2. Download the version regarding your OS and architecture, install as usual and open.
  3.  Now i recommend you to sign up, so that you can have track of everything, Click on Send if you want to share files from your side to another user.
  4. NOTE- you can only transmit files to others only if the user on other side has the same software installed over his place.
  5. So now if you want to transfer files to America from India, you can do with high speed. Send the file from your side and then give the 6-digit code to your friend in America. The file would be transferred.

Video from send anywhere

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to Turn Your Windows PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot

Hi hope you all guys are doing well. Today I'm going to share my experience on about how you can create a hotspot easily on Windows machine.

 PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot

To be Frank I'm going to tell you that I haven't tried this on a PC, as I do most of my work from laptop. My brother won't let me touch his PC as whenever anything goes wrong with his system, the blame comes on me. So, everything which I try it's on a Dell inspiron 1525 laptop.

To create wi-fi hotspot you need to download a program called virtual router.


PC into wifi hotspot
note- images are compressed in order to load site faster

  • Download virtual router manager from here.
  • In order to work this on your PC, your system must have support for wireless connection/adapter, or just buy an USB network adapter which are relatively cheap under 10$(approx 600 INR). This is one which i recommend, buy from here.
  • For Indians buy from here.

Steps involved

  • Download and install like any other program. Keep in mind that if your system does not have c++ installed, the installer will automatically download and install it for you, do don't freak out if it's taking time. It will depend on your system's performance.
  • Open the program, then you can edit the name of the hotspot which you want, creature passwords and then provide connection
  • While assigning connection, you need to sort that option which you have the internet connected to. If you have a single Ethernet or wifi connection, you should be easy to go because you'll only get one option to connect the internet.
  • If you have more than two internet adapters, you can check from which adapter you are getting internet by simply going into settings of control panel of network.
  • Check properly and assign that connection and start the hotspot.

PC into wifi hotspot
when you have more than 2 adapters select the any with internet connection

Virtual router can create hotspot on any windows machine running XP, windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Why you should use virtual router?

Suppose you don't get your wifi signal range in some corner of your house, instead of buying a wifi extender you can temporarily set up a hotspot for use instantly with your laptop.

Keep in mind that your laptop/PC should always be kept ON in order to receive your wifi signal.


For instance if you are not able to connect to your hotspot, just stop the connection from virtual router software and initiate the connection again and you should be able to use the internet once again.

You can also use this program to share your internet, let me explain you with an example. Everytime I go to inOrbit mall in vashi, navi Mumbai, always connect to jionet wifi its high speed internet, but it's restricted to only one user, meaning I cannot connect to my laptop and mobile with the same number.

 So to avoid this trouble, all I do is connect my laptop to jionet wifi and then create my own hotspot from laptop. Then connect my mobile device, you get high speed internet on your laptop as well as on mobile.

I've tried with 2 devices connected to virtual router but I don't know how much amount of devices can be connected, you guys let me know if you are so much curious about it.

That's it for this tutorial here’s what a free program can do there are many more alternatives available in the internet like connectify, mHotspot but wasn’t having a good experience with the. Thank you for reading, make sure you are subscribed to the blog for more cool stuff.

How to add Google Analytics Code to your website – in depth explanation

     Hi guys getting the night started, hope you all are having a great day, OK so this blog is young and I call this a blog because the main motto behind this is to share the information with the users and let them grow, I am not a professional blogger nor do post frequently, with all the customization taking place you’ll also learn how to implement into your website. Today we are going to learn how to add Google Analytics code to your website. The difficulty level for this guide is 4/10, it should be very easy to sign up for analytics and add the code to the website.

Wherever I have used the word ‘Property’ it defines the website that you want to create analytics.

Why you must use Google Analytics?

  • Simple, we can track the sessions and the page views we get on our own website, you get a detailed report on what is happening onto your site. Like how many people are just hopping the site and the real time page view feature is just WOW!
  • You also come to know that what type of articles your audience is getting engaged to so that you can come up with more about those specific topics rather than just wandering and posting anything on the web.
  • with the help of Google Analytics no matter how many times you visit your website, you views won't count in the total page-views, it just cached the IP address and cookies so that owners page-views won't count.
  • You get analysis of audiences according to the location, how much they spent on to your site and the bounce rate which is very important, the lesser the bounce rate the more the site has people who are genuinely interested in reading the posts/article. More the bounce rate comes to a conclusion that the site does not have efficient data or is meaningless, try to write better and give it some time to reflect.
  • You can also find that the user which just landed on your webpage is directly from search engine like Google, yahoo or from any social network which becomes very handy to understand that on to which social media network you need to concentrate.
  • Track mobile users and from which type of mobile operating they are using to which model everything can be monitored and there are much more features.

Google Analytics Code to your website
note- images are compressed in order to reduce load times, and run the site faster.

Things you should have in order to insert Analytics code

  • Your website platform- For this I am using blogger, you can use any platform such as Joomla, WordPress, tumblr, etc.
  • Then make your way to the analytics website which you can go from here. Login to your Google account, then you just have to click on sign up button. Keep in mind that if you have a mobile application you can track its analytics but then you would have to create new property for that.
  • Easy walk-through the steps, write down your account, website name all that easy stuff which I am not going through them. Then click on Get tracking ID.
  • now get the analytics code and then copy and paste that code in your website template/main code, above the </head> tag. For blogger you go to template àthen edit template àpress CRT+f and then search </head> àpaste the code accordingly and then save template. This should be similar to all other blogging platforms.

How to delete a property in Google analytics

  • Go to the account settings of that particular property which you had created earlier (which you want to delete)
  • And then you can see an option to the top right side of the screen, click on move account to Rubbish Bin.
  • Don’t worry if at all somehow you want to restore the deleted analytics account back you can restore it afterwards.

Google Analytics Code to your website

note- images are compressed in order to reduce load times, and run the site faster.

How to restore Google Analytics property

Hover over to the admin tab and then click on rubbish bin and then restore your account, keep that in mind that it will not be stored in the rubbish bin for a longer period of time and would be deleted automatically after a few days.

Tracking your website from Smartphone

You just need an application from play store named Google Analytics, directly download from here.
Recently the app got a makeover and now has material design baked in the user interface and is far better than the previous versions which were old AF. With the app makeover it’s now has got many more options and features, now you can by default view your analytics based on weekly or monthly bases once you set up that option.

With teaching you guys I just added my website with the Analytics code, hope you liked the post make sure you are subscribed for more cool stuff, I mean why not it’s free. Next tutorial in this section would about adding your website to Google Webmaster. The Analytics user-interface or option might change in future but i would try to keep it up to date, for the record this is up to date for now. Was it that tough to set up, let me know in the comments section below.

thank you for reading.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Internet speedometer - DU Meter Alternative : My Experience

This is a simple yet small program which helps you to monitor your speed real time. You must be really a nerd/geek in order to know how much speed you are currently getting while browsing or watching a YouTube video. I mean if you are you one of those people who just waits for the website to load and think the internet connection is slow, get this and now you’ll know that the site is heavy or you’re ISP. This program is identical to DU meter but is netWorx a good replacement for it?

Let's find out

Earlier I used to use DU meter whenever I switched to Windows, it's neat and blends in the theme of Windows. But DU meter was paid software I used to use cracked version and I was like why am I using crack when I use something which is freeware? Then I started looking for alternatives and I bumped into a program called netWorx.

Dude what’s freeware?

Software which is available free of charge to the Consumers.


About netWorx

After installing and trying out for at least 2 weeks, all I can say is that this application can easily replace with DU meter and moreover it was freeware software. You really need to try all the features this program offers, there's a lot more to know

Networx alternative for DU meter
note- images are compressed in order to reduce load times, and run the site faster.

My experience

I installed netWorx on my laptop and to be Frank I don't use my laptop often. It's like twice or thrice a week. With this software I can monitor my speeds, my hourly, daily and monthly reports.

You also get an option to backup your statistics and then restore if you want to do a full wipe to system. You can also get an average about how much speed you were getting on hourly basis.

You can also change the speed meter graph colours to your liking, but I liked the default colour so i didn’t mind to change those. You do not need to worry about the speed indicator volume(kbps,KBps,MBps) this tool automatically show you the current speed with the right conversion, but you can also keep this setting to a personalized value like, if you like to see only in Mbps you can change the settings to your requirement, like i said already there’s alot to discover about this app.

Networx alternative for DU meter
note- images are compressed in order to reduce load times, and run the site faster.

One thing that i most liked about this software is that it has a option to mail the records of your usage into your mail automatically, I have set to monthly report but you can also get daily reports you insist.


  • Should work with any configuration of windows machine
  • Download the software from here and install as any other program.
  • Open and if you want the speed indicator to remain in the task bar always, then right click on task bar and hover over toolbar and select netWorx.

There’s no harm in trying this software as it contains many features. If there are any other alternatives you have tried then let me know in the comment section below. Question of the day is how much do you depend on network speed indicator in your day to day life, i just had a regular checkup yesterday at BARC hospital and found that people where using Windows xp. I mean people don’t care about latest versions to run and are happy to use the stuff as it is because that gets the job done.

If you are reading up to now then you are special to me make sure you are subscribed to my blog because there’s a lot of projects I’m currently working on and share with friends. Thank you for reading.

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