Blog Update #1 (Rebranding) - unbiased tech & How-to

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Blog Update #1 (Rebranding)

Blog Update #1 (Rebranding)

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 guys back again with another blog post but this time there is no tutorial post. Just a quick update on telling you that i have been working lately on some cool stuff
like my own beginner's for Newbie blogger which is gonna start of free from BlogSpot. There's already stuff piled up for this blog lets see how much time it takes for me upload

And what all things need to do when you set up your new blog. So that you can follow those and implement on your's too. Like Wordpress which is a free Open Source CMS (Content Management System), works on the fundamentals of plugins and over here at blogger you don't have one. I mean we couldn't customize as much as we could on wordpress but i'll walk through the easy steps procedure and it's not that difficult. For blogger you need to Edit the template for customizing and learning it might take some time, but it just a matter of time.

Blogger is simple and any one can make a blog out of it, either be it professional or personal. I also need to undergo rebranding of this blog in order to make it more clean and soothing.

So if its even 4:35 am in the morning and i probably wondering about stuff, i am gonna be sleeping for now. It's like night time is the only time i can think about blogging.

Make sure you are happy and only do what you want to do in your life.


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