how to add push notifications to your website - unbiased tech & How-to

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how to add push notifications to your website

how to add push notifications to your website

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     Nowadays nobody cares about subscription to a website why? Because of Google Chrome’s latest feature to get push notifications directly from the browser into your PC, laptop and your mobile phone. Nice and easy. Today as promised I’m going to teach you all how to add notification feature on to your blog, should work with any type of website but I’m trying on blogger (BlogSpot) so you use this guide and try on to your website and let me know so that I can add those here which will help others. However no coding knowledge is required for this process. But let me rectify why keeping a mailing list always comes in handy. Your supporter who is loyal, willing to know about you will definitely check the posts provided him in to his mailing id. Hence it’s always better to maintain a mailing list, this is push notification is just another alternative in the form.

What are push notifications?

     Just like a notification you get from your app, now you can also get notifications from your website. People might not check your mails they receive in the mails about your blog but will definitely check if it’s a notification. So it’s a win-win situation for both the reader and the blogger. Also your content gets viewed by your audience super quick which is just a notification away.

Why you should use push Notifications?

    You’ll be able to connect with the users more with your content and would result in a good impact for your blog. It’s kinda no brainer to not use such an awesome way to interact with your audience.

So let’s begin

Things which we will be required for enabling push notification

  • Your blogger account
  • Pushcrew account- you can sign up over here.

     Set was quite easy you just have to sign up for a free account. And then you are welcomed with the dashboard directly. Now I’m figuring stuff I hope this should be an easy walk. Everything’s nice and easy but it says that we cannot add push notifications for mobile. And more ever you are stuck with 500 subscribers for push notifications. Otherwise you pay and go main stream with mobile push notifications and unlimited push notification offers. The push notification javascript which you get is provided from Pushcrew, so if you are on the free version your audience would have to allow permissions for two times. Handy thing what I just found that if your website is supported/has SSL Certificate then you can get the propriety menu for allowing notifications or blocking just like you can you get for other websites.

push notifications

    For the time being I’m going to keep using pushcrew, and would also suggest you all to keep using this as a beginner, once you all rank in the search engine then it will be time to pay and move on to pay or other better option until then I would be searching other alternatives so make sure you are subscribed for more awesome content around the corner.

    Hope you understand the steps provided any doubts or problems regarding would be solved, comment in the section below and I would there to help!

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