How to convert JPG to PDF - unbiased tech & How-to

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How to convert JPG to PDF

How to convert JPG to PDF

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     So, I want to write this tutorial because I want to help people those who want the conversion nice and easy way, but I can also relate this in future if I forget about it. So I can track this tutorial and convert my documents whenever required. Blogging is just a thing for me by which I can store all the tutorials for myself and for my friends who ask for it, so I need not require to explain every time whoever asks, i’ll just  share the tutorial.

jpg to pdf

     Today, my bother came from office and asked for help regarding conversion of images into PDF, I mean I did this long time ago but did not recall how I am supposed to do now, so I bumped into this method which I’m going to share right now! Just took 3-5 mins to convert everything. There’s nothing need to worry, sit back and relax.

     I researched and found about an online conversion tool, and tried with sample images from my desktop and it worked amazingly. So for documents, it required to look clean and it was already night time and shadow was coming in between images. For clear and smooth transition of images what we did was installed CamScanner from play store which is a free application, you can download from here.

     So we scanned all the images (5 pages to be precise) and then in CamScanner application you also have an option to create a PDF without even going through all this procedure but the only problem with this was it wasn’t serially arranged in the PDF format so we just copied the images to my laptop and uploaded to this conversion page and then download.


  • Open convert jpg to PDF, any web browser of your choice should work for this method.
  • Now you can also customize, everything you want from margins to image size, check all the options and feel free to try all of those.
  • Click on select jpg files and now serially add them in ascending order if you want, otherwise anything will do.
  • Then click on convert PDF, after that you’ll be able to download.

How to convert jpg to PDF
note- images are compressed in order to reduce load times, and run the site faster.

     Suppose you are at work and all you have is a Smartphone and you have to mail the documents to someone, you can scan all your images with CamScanner and just convert and send it to anyone who wants the documents in pdf format.

     If you have a scanner you can just scan all your documents, by this you don’t have keep clicking images from your Smartphone every time and then just upload all the images to that conversion page and then download the PDF and send to anyone you’d wish to. Just to save money, we can click images from Smartphone and do this instead, nowadays you’re Smartphone can do things which were supposed to be doing on a PC.

     So here we go this was simple yet effective tutorial which will always come in handy at times, make sure you share with those who want.

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