Internet speedometer - DU Meter Alternative : My Experience - unbiased tech & How-to

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Internet speedometer - DU Meter Alternative : My Experience

Internet speedometer - DU Meter Alternative : My Experience

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This is a simple yet small program which helps you to monitor your speed real time. You must be really a nerd/geek in order to know how much speed you are currently getting while browsing or watching a YouTube video. I mean if you are you one of those people who just waits for the website to load and think the internet connection is slow, get this and now you’ll know that the site is heavy or you’re ISP. This program is identical to DU meter but is netWorx a good replacement for it?

Let's find out

Earlier I used to use DU meter whenever I switched to Windows, it's neat and blends in the theme of Windows. But DU meter was paid software I used to use cracked version and I was like why am I using crack when I use something which is freeware? Then I started looking for alternatives and I bumped into a program called netWorx.

Dude what’s freeware?

Software which is available free of charge to the Consumers.


About netWorx

After installing and trying out for at least 2 weeks, all I can say is that this application can easily replace with DU meter and moreover it was freeware software. You really need to try all the features this program offers, there's a lot more to know

Networx alternative for DU meter
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My experience

I installed netWorx on my laptop and to be Frank I don't use my laptop often. It's like twice or thrice a week. With this software I can monitor my speeds, my hourly, daily and monthly reports.

You also get an option to backup your statistics and then restore if you want to do a full wipe to system. You can also get an average about how much speed you were getting on hourly basis.

You can also change the speed meter graph colours to your liking, but I liked the default colour so i didn’t mind to change those. You do not need to worry about the speed indicator volume(kbps,KBps,MBps) this tool automatically show you the current speed with the right conversion, but you can also keep this setting to a personalized value like, if you like to see only in Mbps you can change the settings to your requirement, like i said already there’s alot to discover about this app.

Networx alternative for DU meter
note- images are compressed in order to reduce load times, and run the site faster.

One thing that i most liked about this software is that it has a option to mail the records of your usage into your mail automatically, I have set to monthly report but you can also get daily reports you insist.


  • Should work with any configuration of windows machine
  • Download the software from here and install as any other program.
  • Open and if you want the speed indicator to remain in the task bar always, then right click on task bar and hover over toolbar and select netWorx.

There’s no harm in trying this software as it contains many features. If there are any other alternatives you have tried then let me know in the comment section below. Question of the day is how much do you depend on network speed indicator in your day to day life, i just had a regular checkup yesterday at BARC hospital and found that people where using Windows xp. I mean people don’t care about latest versions to run and are happy to use the stuff as it is because that gets the job done.

If you are reading up to now then you are special to me make sure you are subscribed to my blog because there’s a lot of projects I’m currently working on and share with friends. Thank you for reading.

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