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Share any type of files from PC to Anywhere

Share any type of files from PC to Anywhere

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     Ever wanted to share large files over air to any location regardless of the wifi connection you are connected? The only thing appropriate to this software was TeamViewer where once i asked my Friend Vinston Dsouza to share some songs to me and it was like hell slow with the speed, i mean speed we are talking in 20-40 kb’s and it was like a 400Mb files of songs. I told him this is not worth the time; i researched on the internet and found a program named Send Anywhere. Teamviewer it’s great for screen mirroring though.

     I just loved this software earlier i used to use es file explorer to transfer files over the air but after this application now i have uninstalled that and use this as full time user.

NOTE- Keep in mind that there may be various programs available on the internet, but this is the program which i prefer.

This is the only piece of software which works according to me to anywhere around the world and
Bonus- This software is platform independent.

Dude what’s Platform Independent means?

   It means the software which you are using can be used on any type of operating system with regards the specification/ behaviour of the System you are using. For Example you can use this software to send files from PC to iOS, android, Chrome OS and Linux. Good thing about this is it also has 32bit version of the software.

What is send anywhere?

Send Anywhere is a software which allows the users all around the world to transfer files on the go.
It Works on peer-to-peer connection (One end to another).

This software generates a 6- digit numeric code to accept the transfer from the person who’s transferring. So you can text the code to the receiver and the transaction would complete.

send anywhere software
note- images are compressed in order to load site faster for your good experience

Why You Should Use Send Anywhere?

This software does not have anything to do with the users to sign up or login, once you download the software you are good to send files anywhere around the globe.
Remember why i didn’t use Teamviewer, speed right. When i tried this software, i was getting speed in MB/s though my Internet speed is 1 MBPS.

Although if you Sign up for an account you can track all the data which you are transmitting to another, the device which you share data gets saved in the menu for further usage. Quite Handy
Send anywhere comes with fully encryption along with it, so that your data is not hogged in between the process and is protected in order for various reasons.
Moreover, the software gets updated very often unlike others; PS got two updates within this month recently.

The Software of mobile and PC are user friendly, just basic stuff send and receive.
Major reason to have this is that you can upload a file to friends and that stays active for about 24 hours, meaning you can resume afterwards if you want. Re-Download if you want afterwards for some reasons.

How to use send anywhere?

  1. Simple just head over to the website from here.
  2. Download the version regarding your OS and architecture, install as usual and open.
  3.  Now i recommend you to sign up, so that you can have track of everything, Click on Send if you want to share files from your side to another user.
  4. NOTE- you can only transmit files to others only if the user on other side has the same software installed over his place.
  5. So now if you want to transfer files to America from India, you can do with high speed. Send the file from your side and then give the 6-digit code to your friend in America. The file would be transferred.

Video from send anywhere

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