what is a bitcoin faucet? - unbiased tech & How-to

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what is a bitcoin faucet?

what is a bitcoin faucet?

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Faucets are websites which are traditionally built to make revenue from advertising by using various and multiple advertising networks. So that revenue from the website can be made maximum.
All these ads on the website are generating revenue to the owner whether it be just by viewing the advertisements or by accidently clicking on them you as a visitor generate them huge amount of revenue as multiple type of advertising scripts are installed on the website.

For example to give you an idea
If 10000 users visit a website and perform task such as filling up the captcha and on per ad 0.01$ income Is generated from a single ad network the owner of the site made 1000$
This is just an example of how these type of websites work. Then the amount is distributed to users who are working hard and claiming their free bitcoin.

Basically they don’t necessarily earn in bitcoin. They convert their currency into bitcoin and then pay you and rates are highly dynamic as the price of bitcoin keeps changing drastically every minute. So as a faucet claimer my job becomes very difficult as I keep claiming low amount of satoshi value to earn and my income sources revenue also decreases.

If you have any doubts regarding this concept make sure you comment below what part was difficult for you to understand.

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