Maximum earning of bitcoin without referring and sharing - unbiased tech & How-to

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Maximum earning of bitcoin without referring and sharing

Maximum earning of bitcoin without referring and sharing

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I know you can earn millions if you get the right amount of friends to work for you using your referral links but what if you guys are just like me who does not get any referrals or does not have any friends and want to earn bitcoin with on his own hard work. You can do it believe me I am doing it. The problem here is you will have to work on multiple bitcoin faucets website to get maximum value in bitcoin

1) First create a faucethub account everything which you will work will be deposited in this account
      create your faucethub account from here
2) Sign up and verify your email then follow my special choosen bitcoin faucet list which pays instant withdrawal without any hassle to earn minimum to minumum.
      Visit this link to view all bitcoin faucets 
 go to deposit and then generate your bitcoin address which will be used to login on different faucet websites

3) What I do is I open all these faucets in like 7-10 tabs on my browser and then keep on claiming them turn by turn.

4) They are 5 minutes faucet so by the time you reach at the 10 tab for claiming your bitcoin you can already start collect claiming for first tab.
5) This will work and will continue in a circle and you wont be loosing your time claiming from multiple bitcoin faucets
6) You can start claiming in a spree for an hour or two if you have that much amount of stamina. This totally depends on the dedication of how much amount of bitcoin you want to earn in a day.
7) Maximum I have earned 1500 satoshi in a day. I know that I pennies but for free and on your own hard work that I something which money cannot buy.
8) If you think that this I a waste of time why are you still reading this post brother you can directly invest and wait for the price of bitcoin to rise and then sell for profit.

The best way to invest in bitcoin is to buy it but if you don’t have any money then you can try these alternative methods for free.

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