Best Smartphones you can buy under 15,000 rupees – July 2016 - unbiased tech & How-to

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Best Smartphones you can buy under 15,000 rupees – July 2016

Best Smartphones you can buy under 15,000 rupees – July 2016

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Getting a phone under 15,000 Rupees can be a tough task nowadays because every company in this price range bounds to share a good experience with aggressive pricing. Remember a phone within this price range is very powerful but won’t give a flagship performance or top notch quality though you might find some of those below. This post is neither sponsored (paid) nor told by any company, it’s fully unbiased and I am writing this post because allot of friends keep on asking what’s the best Smartphone under Budget. So i created a list that I can share with them, if you also have your friends or relatives confused forward them these options. You may find affiliate links for the products as by this way i can monetise my site and it’s my only bread and butter.

Smartphone’s are getting better and better day by day, I still remember that day when my Dad brought me a Xperia x8 in 2010 which ran 2.1 android Éclair out of the box. From then we have seen a drastic change (within in the term of 6 years) in the Smartphone industry. I mean look at the way we use our Smartphone’s small screens for any type of consumption today. Earlier I used to stream or watch videos on my laptop which would result in usage of about 100’s of gigs of usage, now I use stream from my mobile every time because screen quality is much high and it’s way faster than my dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. Nowadays I hardly use my laptop, blog posts are also written on mobile from Google docs.

OK enough about myself let’s get right into the topic.

What you should be looking in 15,000 Rupees Smartphone minimum according to me.

1) Full HD Screen
2) Good Performance- Above Snapdragon 615+ which are all 64 bit chipset phones
3) Gaming GPU above 330
4) Ram 2 GB+
5) 8+MP rear camera 
6) Fingerprint sensor

That should be enough for day to day usage and for some good amount of gaming. Remember while getting a budget oriented Smartphone don’t wish too much for the price.

Moto g plus (4th generation)

moto g4 plus

  1. The camera is a beast with 16 megapixels and 5mp front but the rear camera has laser autofocus technology which will give you instant quick snaps out of your device. Moto has its own camera UI which has some manual control features like shutter speed, ISO, exposure, etc baked in the OS.
  2. Available with 16 & 32 gigs variants with 3GB of ram. Although i won’t suggest you to buy the 16 GB or Moto g4 because it does not make any sense in buying as you lose features just for 1,500 rupees.
  3. Comes with stock android which is always a good touch to an android operating system, as I am not a fan of skinned versions of Samsung or Xiaomi smart phones.
  4. It does have turbo charger included in the box for fast charging so no matter you are running out of time 15 minutes of charging is ample amount of juice to keep the phone running at least for the 4+ hours.
  5. Also it has SD card expansion to keep your music library and media altogether. Fingerprint sensor is on the front side and is relatively faster among the competition. 
Click here to buy the Moto G4 plus  

Xiaomi redmi note 3

xiaomi note 3

  1. Comes with 32 or 16 GB variant, get the 32 GB variant if you can get your hands on because no expansion via SD card and it’s always good if you get more storage for phones which has inbuilt storage.
  2. And by the way Xiaomi marketing team has their own way to market their product which is by flash sales, if you are dying to get this phone then only buy otherwise you have many options, because even after all these years if we only have to face flash sales what is the use then? They should learn something from one plus.
  3. Processor- snapdragon 650 with 3GB of ram which should give you enough for multi-tasking around the OS. I wish MIUI could have been more optimized so there wouldn’t be more lag, but it’s occasionally. Every phones goes through that stage RIGHT?
  4. 4050 Mah capacity of battery with which you can get at least 5+ hours of screen on time and around 2 days of usage out of it for moderate usage.
  5. Also has fingerprint sensor at the rear, so if you are looking for phones with fingerprint sensor you should have an eye on this phone.
  6. currently out of stock at the moment check other phones.
Click here to buy the xiaomi note 3

Lenovo zuk z1

  1. Snapdragon 801 which was a great chipset from the past “2014”, with 2.5 GHz and 3GB of ram you can throttle this phone a lot for gaming. I mean the phone has nearly exact specifications as that of one plus one but it’s cheaper than that. This is a steal at this price point.
  2. Sleek design with 5.5 inch screen which is 1080p LCD screen with 401PPI (pixels per inch). Screen is good as you won’t be able to notice any type of pixels from yourself and media consumption is a breeze.
  3. It comes with my favourite 3rd party OS which is Cyanogen OS, (been using it since 2013 from CM7) and they have evolved more than just a custom ROM for a phone. Good to see them as a company which comes pre-installed with the phone.
  4. Fingerprint at the front. 
  5. sad thing is you still require to register to buy a lenovo zuk z1, another marketing strategy to gain attention.
Click here to buy the lenovo zuk z1

Huawei Honor 5X 

 honor 5x

  1. 2 GB LPDDR3 ram and Qualcomm 64-bit Octa core processor which a mid ranger budget internals for phone at this price.
  2. 16 GB internal storage and dual 4g SIM card support+ it doubles as a expansion slot for micro-SD which is a plus to increase storage for the device.
  3. 3000 Mah battery with fast charging (quick charge 2.1 Amp) should give you around 1.5 days of juice with regular to moderate usage.
  4. 5.5inch Full HD IPS display and the viewing angles are also good for the price and also have a 13 mp rear facing camera which is capable of some cool shots right of the click.
  5. Gesture capabilities available, so that you can quickly fire those apps even when the screen is off, which will be quite handy for some but I just like the traditional way by unlocking screen.
  6. This phone also has a fingerprint sensor at the rear.


  • The only thing I don’t like in this phone is the OS. It comes with Emotion OS (EMUI) on top of android as I am particularly not a fan of; it’s just like a wannabe iPhone nothing else.
  • Comes with android 5.1 lollipop pre-installed and we don’t have any official words that it will get updates as of now!
Click here to buy the Honor 5X

One plus x 

 one plus x

  1. 16 GB for the price which is inbuilt storage, which is not enough considering if you consume a lot of music and media.
  2. 2 GB of ram which is good for all over multi-tasking, gets over 4-5 apps running in the memory.
  3. The one plus x has full glass body construction, meaning both rear and the front side, it looks premium from every angle but at the same time is slippery.
  4. Unfortunately no fingerprint scanner for this device as it was built by one plus for compact size factor with 5 inch screen and 801 Snapdragon, 2.5 GHz processor and for budget entry level so that everyone who is on a budget would be able to buy but it does not look any way near budget.
  5. and yes no invites to buy the phone.

Xiaomi mi 4

xiaomi mi 4

  1. 16 GB internal storage
  2. 13MP rear camera with 4K UHD recording available with Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB ram.
  3. 16GB and Adreno 330 GPU for gaming is average for casual FPS games like modern combat 5, asphalt 8, etc
  4. Comes with small size factor 5 inches FHD and 16GB inbuilt storage and is a perfect size for one hand usability.
  5. Only available in white colour.
  6. Although there is no expansion micro-SD slot available would be a turn down for many but if you don’t load more videos into your phone it should be okay. Check the last link in the post if you are stuck with inbuilt storage and you want to expand.
Click here to buy the xiaomi mi4

Moto g turbo 

moto g turbo

  1. Colour variants – white and black
  2. 16 GB internal storage and further storage can be expanded by a micro-SD slot.
  3. Ironically this phones comes with IP67 rated which means it’s not waterproof but it’s water and dust resistance which can take up your water splashes quite easily. So you don’t have a problem with this phone in the rainy season.
  4. 5 inch screen with Corning Gorilla glass 3 for your slight scratches you can get from day to day usage.
  5. 13 megapixel camera which is a quick go to snap camera.
  6. You get turbocharger included in the box which the company says can give you 4+ hours of enough charge in 15 minutes.
  7. Stock Android Marshmallow which ships with the nexus phones with some additional Moto features.


  • 720p screen which can be a downside for some, but if you don’t want to 
  • 2470 Mah battery which is a downside but you can relatively charge this battery faster than a phone with 3000 Mah+ battery capacity. But it’s not that bad can give you at least a moderate day usage. 

Click here to buy the Moto G turbo

Lenovo k4 note

lenovo k4  note

  1. 10,999 MRP which is another good phone and you should buy if you are on a budget and if fingerprint sensor is a big deal for you.
  2. 5.5 inch screen unless the one plus x screen which was just 5 inches.
  3. 16gb inbuilt storage but it can also be expanded to 128GB of storage, I know nobody buys a 128 GB card in India but 64 GB card is available at reasonable price.(pun intended)64 bit Mediateck Octa-core processor with dual SIM Support, keep that in mind that both 4G SIM cards can be used simultaneously and yes it does support fast charging.
  4. The only problem about this phone is we don’t know whether we would be getting official updates from the company’s side, but hey you might get.

Asus Zenfone max

 zenfone 2 max

  1. Has 720p resolution screen but that does not matter because you won’t be able to find any reasonable difference remember iPhone screen resolution was 720p till iPhone 6.
  2. 5000 Mah humongous battery which is takes almost 2 days to kill it. Moderate users might be able to use this phone’s battery for about 3-4 days if they are just calling texting and doing moderate media consumption. Why? Because battery is huge and the screen is not pushing enough pixels, so that the battery does not wore out quickly.
  3. So if you are a person who is looking for just battery life you buy this and stay happy.
  4. does not come with quick charge so it might take a while longer to charge than other smartphones, keep that in mind. 
  5. You can also use this phone as a portable powerbank as it can charge you iPhone almost twice.

Final verdict

     If you want a phone that last long with battery buy the Zenfone max otherwise any other will be able to give you a full day usage. If you swap your phones every once in six months or a year you should be good with any phone in the list, but if you are looking for long term support and updates with durability you should buy the Moto g4 Plus 32GB variant. At the end of the day you are your own judge, you are going to use the phone. Think wisely.

     I am also writing a blog post on Smartphone’s under 9,999 so make sure you are subscribed and follow the blog for further details.

     If there’s any wrong information provided above, be the man and let me know in the comment section below so that I can change and it will be beneficial for other users as a community. Also let me know if there are any more phones in this section, according to me these are the best in the price range and I would suggest anyone to buy.

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     If you like it, you subscribe it or give me all that hatred in the comments section below. Make sure you share with your friends and family so that they can also make a decision in picking something up. 

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