Why is it necessary to have nexus Root toolkit for nexus users - unbiased tech & How-to

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Why is it necessary to have nexus Root toolkit for nexus users

Why is it necessary to have nexus Root toolkit for nexus users

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Hi, back with another blog posts and today we are talking the real deal for nexus users. Doesn’t matter if you are a tech geek or an average JOE who just wants the things done. This is a piece of software which is free (although if you could donate that’s great) and you should have this in your PC installed. It is available only for windows users.

What is NRT?

NRT stands for nexus root Toolkit and is developed by a , it’s your rescue guide software for your phone, if anything goes wrong or you get unknown problems. Just flash the stock ROM back if you are not satisfied with any type of custom ROM or relock the bootloader back if you are going to the service centre and want something done under warranty. Keep reading and find out more of it below.

Why you should install nexus Root Toolkit?

It’s a go-to companion for a proud nexus user. I mean if you are having any kind of troubles with your phone like it does not get detect automatically when you connect your phone to the PC, you can easy install drivers without searching through the internet, the software provides you in it.

Whatever happens to your phone in the software section, you need not worry about going to the service centre and beg for help. You can now from home.
You can unlock the bootloader of your phone with just a click from the unlock Bootloader section.

One click root for any nexus device you just have to connect your device and let the software do it’s work.

Overview of NRT

Basically once you install nexus root Toolkit, you’ll be recommended to download some files like the ROM, SuperSU and TWRP recovery, you should do that once you select your particular model of your Smartphone. The software supports every kind of nexus Smartphone, so you should be good to go.

The software gets updates basically every time with a newer version so that you can get latest versions of the files available.

You do get a live log of everything you do with the software real time which is handy like i can see that what kinds of files are pushing in my Smartphone and what are the ADB commands being used.

I know we do have Android SDK’s platform tools for flashing android updates from Google but with this software we don’t have to write commands just select your ROM file and it does everything for you.

You can take your regular backups and restore them without hiccups. If you want to install custom recovery or root you can take the Full Driver installation guide where it’ll guide you the steps to install ADB/fastboot drivers.

If you want advanced setting you can check the Advanced utilities section where in you can revert back to stock kernel if you installed a custom kernel, sideload an OTA Update, install android APK’s, take screenshot, install custom ROMs like Cyanogen OS  and pretty much anything you want the stuff done can be found here.

My verdict

It is very necessary to have software like this in your PC which can rescue at times and also it does not take much space. You can install latest OTA updates directly from the software and skip waiting for official OTA updates. This software has helped me in many times when i literally just soft bricked my smartphone while installing a custom ROM, but could recover by this software within an hour. Must have software, download from here or from below the post.

Let me know in the comments section below that when and why did you started using this software, I mean I used to use this software to root my Smartphone and install TWRP recovery all the time, because it’s easy and then install custom ROMs from my phone.

Thank you for taking your time to read if you like it subscribe and share with the needy and let the debate keep going.

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