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Get 50 Rupees Recharge For free

Get 50 Rupees Recharge For free

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     Hi there back again with another short post again in the night time. Yesterday evening at about 6 PM i came to know about an app which claims to provide 50 rupees free recharge for just registering. So for curiosity I directly started downloading and installed this application. I know it’s been a while i haven’t posted anything about free recharge stuff, although this blog was only built for that purpose. But as time passed there weren’t good apps which used to pay enough. I mean who wants 5-10 rupees and who is gonna install those, these kinda apps weren’t relevant and there was no good payout, but this app stuck me and I couldn’t resist to try. Although after retiring from free recharge stuff online I am writing this post so that you can earn some handsome recharge for free.

So an app called Embee Meter VX is providing 50 rupees for just installing and using the app. This app is just meant to earn free recharge nothing else like those shady applications who just want to promote their app via free recharge campaign.

I’ll guide to the steps in detail, follow those and do subscribe to the blog which is in the right side bar, if you want me to do more this kind of posts.

  1. Install Embee Meter VX application from here.
  2. Open and then tick Accept terms and conditions
  3. Then click next
  4. Sign in with your email ID and any password which you would like to keep for this account.
  5. From the options below select any one of the options from Smartphone and tablet, I used Smartphone and configured the model and SIM operator and tap on finish.
  6. Now you’ll get 80 reward points now and you can check that you going in the settings panel.
  7. Click on reward tab and click on “About Me Rewards” and Fill in the details according to the questions which are necessary. You’ll now get 100 rewards in couple of minutes.
  8. You have now a total of 180 points now redeem them for recharge which will be in the home TAB (scroll below)
  9. Choose your SIM provider and mobile number and just wait for some time. You’ll get your recharge in 10-15 minutes. I got it in night about 2 AM, so have some patience you’ll get it.

Proof attached below for the successful transaction.

That’s it for this blog post hope you liked this free 50 rupees Loot, share it with your friends and let them also earn some free recharge.

Let me know in the comment section below do you regularly use these type of recharge applications or you are like I’m a king and I can pay for my recharge. I know you can pay buy why pay when you can get it for free. I hope you got the point. Still haven’t recharged from my money since 2013 and never will. 

Thank you for taking your time and reading up till here.

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