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Get 10 rupees free recharge + 10 Rs per refer & Earn Unlimited

Get 10 rupees free recharge + 10 Rs per refer & Earn Unlimited

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Hey guys, back with another free recharge app, not a huge but you can get 10 rupees for free though. Anything which is free is always tough to get but when there are no huge turn around just installing and registering then, I’m on to that offer.

About free recharge unlimited app

This application is meant for providing different types of app, when you try those you earn and can redeem them as recharge. This app works on the fundamentals of coins, if you have 300 coins which you get once you register and use my referral code. You can then redeem for 10 rupees recharge. By this app you can also create a campaign if you want to promote your specific android application. Sad thing is that this application doesn’t support for Tablets, only for phones.

  1. First download application from here (
  2. Open and enter Email ID and Referral Code - IhRcW (long press and copy the code as it is)
  3. NOTE: in order for you to get 10 Rupees for free you must enter the referral code provided above.
  4. Verify you’re Email ID and then you can proceed with the app.
  5. Notice down below you now sure have 300 coins available just tap on recharge.
  6. Provide your SIM provider’s details and your recharge will be initiated within 24-48 hours; they don’t have automatic systems running as of now.

How to refer and earn unlimited

Swipe right of screen, tap on Referrals.
Write down your referral code separately or you can directly share on social media sites from the buttons provided below.
Refer and earn unlimited by sharing with your relatives and friends.

Benefits of using free recharge unlimited app

App gives you free recharge of 10 Rupees which is sufficient for average user as it is free for just downloading and registering,
You don’t have to verify your phone number as you do with other Apps.
If you have many email IDs you can get more than 10 Rs of recharge but not on the same phone, use your referral code on other phones or Emulators.
Although if you don’t have that types of friends who don’t do recharge or think that you are earning and they don’t you are still in luck as you do get 10 rupees for free. Doesn’t matter if you share or not, but if you could then that bonus: P

Terms and conditions

You must verify your email ID in order to view the dashboard otherwise you won’t get 10 rs recharge.
Don’t try to install the app with same email id on two devices as it will delete all the history from the older device.
If you are getting invalid socket errors, just try after some time as this is a new app does not handle traffic properly on the server sides.

Proof added for your satisfaction!


That’s all for this blog post, if you are new over here and like my posts make sure you are subscribed to the blog for more upcoming articles and share this post with your friends and let them also earn free recharge.

Thank you for taking your time to read.

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