(Revised) ladooo recharge app for android - unbiased tech & How-to

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(Revised) ladooo recharge app for android

(Revised) ladooo recharge app for android

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Welcome back,

        Today I'm going to throw back an old app which I've been started earning free recharge. Ladooo is my first recharge app which I tried :)
 you can earn unlimited by refering your friends but then too referral is too lo for this app. Rs.10/referral but something is better than nothing! Quote from a friends mouth (Ashik)

     Dont Worry if you could not earn more from this app because there's alot more to be uploaded on this blog this is just the beginning! so be subscribed so that you don't have to remember the URL.You'll directly get the mails and don't worry all the tricks over here are verified and used by me on regular basis.

     my blog is open for all those who want to contribute writing to this blog. yes but with terms and conditions :)

         Let's begin with today's tutorial!


1) android smartphone
2) Wi-Fi connection
3) good brain because you must read the instructions before downloading particular app.
4) some determination to earn, never mind if you could not get credits even after downloading an app. There's nothing you are losing in this case. Free Wi-Fi and your phone SIMPLE!

        Sorry I got carried away, this was first post excitement!

        Ladooo is an good app which will let you earn almost 50rs right after you install the application. Simple right let's do it together.
Strictly follow the steps!

1) download lodooo  <---- Click here!

2) verify your number correctly!
3) start downloading apps in my case there was Paytm for 20rs
4) install it from play store and open.
Use the app for around 1 min if everything goes right you'll get notification about successful credits of 20rs
5) otherwise come back to ladoo app and try again.

NOTE:- don't do anything while doing these procedures like multitasking like sending Whatsapp messages, this will interrupt the process. Make sure you don't do anything while you get the credits successfully. Once you get 20rs answer your messages or calls.

 For those who dont have wifi connection Don't worry try this trick

call your gf/bf ask him/her out on a date and take them to Mc'Donald's near your area and connect to their wi-fi hotspots and start earning! hangouts ke sath sath earning bhi hogaya :P lol
you both might end up getting some extra Recharge to earn @Mc'Donalds. 

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