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After a year

After a year

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     strange thing i noticed when i was thinking of blogging and checked the date of last post. Its been exactly a year now that i haven't blogged about anything as i wasn't showing any kind of interest over here. So i have finally made my decisions for a comeback with full fletch. Its on guys gonna go in dept and share all the information about what i know from now onwards and you make sure are subscribed for all the action which will be rolling soon enough. Last year was a full of trouble and was struck in the middle of something so i figured out myself. From linux to android we are going to explore everything. So if theres any type of complains regarding text size or template suggestion you can always bother me on my social networks. Currently there are more 2 exams yet to finish (dbms & oopm). Exams will end on 9th june and would be able to suffice all time to this blog. For the record i use a dell inspiron 1525 laptop for blogging which is a decent notebook which was bought in the year 2007-08 which is quite old but you don’t require anything high end for day to day usage. I use this laptop as a workstation in my home as its very bulky and heavy which in sense is not portable at all weighs like 5kgs, hell!

Particular reason why i’m not hosting a domain name!

Simple because im not confident enough to make that decision. Last year i hosted a website from my own funding and it went out a total fail. So what i thought was i already have a blog to reach out to you people why not take this. I mean why not google has made a powerful platform wiz. Blogger with which we can provide information and reach to everybody. Atleast i wont be able to regret myself after blogging over here but if you want to start a professional website i might be posting some deals/coupon codes if i probably find on the internet which will be a quick starter for a beginner. I am also gonna share what all is customized over this blog so that if somebody wants to know how to edit and customize particular things on blogger might be helpful as blogger is a great platform, but sometime customizing will be a pain unlike wordpress but wordpress has a  wide variety of themes and you’ll end up choosing nothing about the themes over blogger you can grab any and just blog. For the time being bye.

Have a great day!

Remember everything can be achieved if you think so.

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